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Motorbike Test HQ is your all-in-one motorcycle training guide.

From applying for your provisional licence, to advice on what gear to get, to useful tips on making the most of test day, it's all here in one easy to follow guide. Click the green button to learn how the site works and begin your journey to passing the motorcycle test; freedom on two wheels awaits!
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Three Core Chapters

Motorbike Test HQ is divided into three easy-to-follow chapters.

Learn about the basics of motorcycling, from taking your CBT and starting lessons, up to going for your Theory test. This chapter will ensure that you do it right.Go to Chapter
Get ready to enter the world of motorcycling! Finding your ideal set of gear, fitting a motorcycle helmet, and buying a second hand bike, it’s all covered here.Go to Chapter
It’s time for the practical tests, and this chapter will give you the best chance possible. Here you will find all the elements of the practical tests broken down along with useful advice to help you on the big day.Go to Chapter

What Is Motorbike Test HQ about?

Are you a Motorcyclist, either in training or looking to upgrade your licence? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place!

No matter what stage you’re at, whether you’re 16 and just getting started on your moped, looking to jump straight into motorcycling with the DAS, or upgrading your licence through the Progressive Access Scheme, we provide helpful advice and detailed breakdowns of the various stages to help you achieve your goal.

Once you get your licence, check out our blog section. The Blog offers helpful tips and advice on many facets of the world of motorcycling and we’re always adding to it, so it’s useful for anyone who gets around on two wheels!

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